Our temporary bridge solutions are tailor-made to the customer’s and installation site’s needs and can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are typically used as emergency response and disaster relief structures and for civil or military applications. We offer the option to buy or rent with delivery on five continents.

Steel Modular bridge in Peru


  • Several models of modular bridges available
  • Free span range up to 120m
  • Modular systems of standard interchangeable and replaceable prefabricated components
  • Assembly by launching from a bank or by crane
  • Optimized containerization
  • High durability. Galvanized finish
Steel Modular bridge in Peru


  • Quick installation
  • Ease of assembly with no need for skilled labor
  • Minimization of assembly support means/equipment
  • Highly adaptable to various configurations and fully reusable
  • Development of bridge solutions according to the client’s needs
  • Low transportation cost and optimization in receiving and unloading
  • Low self-weight. Savings in foundations

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