Military Bridges adapt to the most adverse contexts and ensure the necessary logistical support for the most challenging Military or Humanitarian Missions. Designed according to military standards (STANAG2021) they are prepared to support vehicles up to a Military Load Class (MLC) 120T/150W. The modular prefabrication system allows them to be easily transported and installed.

Modular bridge installed in Peru


  • Modular system, prefabricated and with possibility of pre-assembly in factory
  • Designed to support military loads (vehicles MLC) 
  • Transport in standard ISO containers
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Fully galvanized, providing great mechanical resistance and minimum maintenance
Modular Bridge MB60 over Silaco River


  • Highly adaptable to various configurations and fully reusable
  • Designed to be transported and installed in the most difficult places
  • Versatility to be quickly assembled, disassembled and repositioned

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