What they say about us


“From the origins the company in the 1960’s CFCSL has been witness to the great changes and developments in prestressed concrete bridge construction.
CFCSL itself has been actively involved in these transformations and promoting industrialized techniques in bridge construction such as cantilever construction with precast segments, incremental launching, movable scaffolding and precast girders.
For this reason, CFCSL has closely followed the development of the different systems during these years, and what it is one of the essential factors on them, the mechanical and construction equipment.
That’s why CFCSL followed with interest, almost from the very first steps the project, the research that the team now integrated in BERD was conducting in collaboration with Oporto University (FEUP).
We quickly realized that this project had the hallmark of a cutting‐edge system in the bridge construction industry.
Their innovative machinery that incorporates active control on launching gantries has pushed the limits of the industrialized prestressed concrete bridge construction to values unimaginable recently.
CFCSL is now involved in several projects where, thanks to the insight from the work of BERD, has allowed us to increase the spans limits on them.
We hope that many of these projects will be built soon so that we have the chance to work with BERD equipment and its valuable team.”

Engineer Javier Manterola Armisén and Engineer Javier Muñoz-Rojas | CFCSL 


“We see BERD as a partner, mainly for complicated technical issues in bridge construction and especially in innovative technologies.
Several projects done, several in execution and many others in the future, shows the rationality in this partnership.
BERD is for us a strong and consistent partner, very strong and complicated in negotiation, but one time the contract is signed the obligations are filled very well and we do not need to discuss any extra costs.
Bigger cooperation is to be developed to optimize the know-how of both companies. We hope that the crises will reinforce both companies and also their cooperation for future.
Wish you all good luck and a lot of interesting projects”

Engenheiro Jiri Hajek | Eurovia


“BERD is the combination of two very important characteristics: Creativity and Performance. Creativity is a vital requirement for companies that need to compete in the 21st Century, but the ideas need to be put into practice in order to exist. BERD has successfully started this route. The only thing that ENERPAC wishes you to do is to keep following the same path.”

Luis Sordo | Enerpac 


“A technologically innovative company, endowed with great potential and very professional; Selected by this Bank (Santander) in a restricted group to use the Santander Totta seal “Top Exporta”.

Dr. Pedro Meireles | Santander Totta


“In all our bridges that were cast in a formwork supported or suspended on movable scaffolding we had problems with determining a camber. The deformation of the scaffolding and the deck depends on many factors that are difficult to quantify. By organic prestressing that is used in Berd’s scaffolding we solved many problems in a very intelligent way. Instead of sophisticated calculations a simple application of prestressing solved the problem in a very creative way. An idea of balancing of deformations promoted by pioneers of prestressed concrete has got a new dimension. Furthermore we could use economic span-by-span erection of bridges for much longer spans. ”

Stratum depth Prof. Jiri Strasky | Stráský, Hustý a partneři s.r.o. (SHP) 


“Yesterday the last precast segment was glued and prestressed in the access viaduct, launched with BERD LG 50/100 Gantry.
I feel obliged to congratulate this young and skilled team that has demonstrated, at all times, great professionalism and competence.
I’d like to thank you all for the work you have carried out.
Without a doubt, it is people and teams like these, who carry out works worldwide, demonstrating the technical and technological capacity which, during the course of history, have characterised Lusitanian identity.”

Paulo Madeira | Ponte de Laguna Consortium – Engineering


“We clearly regard BERD as a Partner company that has strived to find feasible technical solutions to the proposed problems.
A company with professionals who are qualified, well trained and dedicated to finding solutions for their partners.”

Anonymous | Concessionaire Ring Road


“Berd is a competent international partner in Moveable Scaffolding Systems with top modern “full package Material” and the highest standard of safety and Engineering”

Engineer Johann Haas | DOKA 


Put lots of good engineering capacity into a pot. Add some inspiration, willpower and problem-solving focus. Prepare yourself with patience, because in the early stages of cooking you will think the ingredients won’t mix well. Nevertheless, at the end of the day you will find the dish delicious and, surprisingly, it will be completely cooked before your guests arrive. It’s called BERD.”

Engineer Luís Afonso | Soares da Costa


“A company that should serve as an example for our country. A company with excellent, very competent professionals and I’m sure that will be an example to follow by our company business, because BERD has the best ideas for constructive processes”

Engineer Pedro Marçal | Construgomes